How To Find Rent-to-Own and Contract for Deed Homes Around You

Current Most Common Ways: Zillow and Google


When you search Zillow or Google for rent-to-own, or lease option, or contract for deeds homes, here is what you will likely find:


Zillow – no home listed on the MLS (i.e. listed by an agent) is interested in rent-to-own. You want to look at the for sale by owners (FSBO) homes. These are the homes that may consider a lease option or contract for deed.


They may put that in the note in the description but most FSBO just want to sell their home without paying a real estate commission of 6%, but you need to ask.


Google – you will likely get a blend of ads (like or possibly some local companies like ours that specialize in rent-to-own homes. This can be frustrating since websites like do not necessarily have rent to own homes!


What they offer is the possibility of rent to own homes by pulling a list of all the FSBO homes (discussed above) for an area.  Then if you fill out their contact form with email and phone, they will grant you “access” to possible options.  We have personally found this to be an unfulfilling experience in the Midwest and a waste of time since the selection is so narrow and does not necessarily indicate if a seller is desiring a rent to own scenario.


Most search results will turn up foreclosures, auctions, and apartments. Very frustrating for those looking for a single family home.


We connect renters who see a house for sale with a buyer who will purchase it and rent it to them with an option to buyAlternative Options

Here are two different ways to get a rent-to-own home


Existing rentals: you may see a lot of homes listed for rent on Zillow. Some of these may be open to rent-to-own, you just have to ask.


3rd party services: there are companies like ours that specialize in buying rent-to-own homes. Talk to your local real estate group and get a referral for investors who buy/sell rent-to-own lease options and contracts for deeds. This may open up the home shopping experience and availability.


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