Set Your Rent Flow Chart

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Interactive Mind Map The “mind map” below is an interactive tool. Start with “Have You Tried to Get a Bank Loan” and answer the yes or no questions (click the little dots to expand/minimize each answer). Follow your answers to land on 1 of 4 options:  Get a Bank Loan Non-QM Set Your Rent (or […]

The Pre-Approved Podcast


Becoming a Homeowner When The Bank Says No. This podcast is dedicated to the 1 in 10 home owners denied each year by the banks. We will discuss Rent-to-Own, Lease Options, Contract for Deed, Qualifying Mortgages, Non-QM Loans, and Private Mortgages. All Episodes: Here at Set Your Rent we believe in creating homeowners. If you have […]

Home Values in 2020

Lease-To-Own Trends in 2021


Contract for Deed Home Market in 2020-2021 Buying a house is a dream for many! Owning a house has its charm and comfort. Many people want to own a house but later find out that they don’t have enough money and miss the requirements that many banks have because of things they can’t control. Set Your Rent […]