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Single Family Home Investment and Partnering Opportunities

Real Estate investing can be tricky and risky, but it can also create wealth and freedom through assets and passive income. Here at Set Your Rent we provide you several options to get you started in real estate or to diversify your portfolio in a new way with Single Family Homes rentals and rent-to-own programs.

Set Your Rent is perfect for new and early stage investors who want the upside of investing without the fear and risk of vacant or costly properties.  Set Your Rent typically helps high income earning professionals looking for a Cash on Cash ROI >12%.  

We offer you options to fit your real estate risk, reward, and time commitment needs.

Set Your Rent Helps Investors Find the Right Real Estate Investment For Them! 

Investment Properties

Investment Options Through Set Your Rent


We package a signed lease and accepted purchase agreement for you.


  • Tenant-buyers have toured the home while it was listed “for sale” and love the property.
  • Tenants have signed a lease for $1,700/month along with $1,700 security deposit contingent on us buying the home for them and renting for 1-5 years along with an option to buy it.
  • Seller accepts offer for $160,000 (with $3,000 seller concessions), contingent on financing and inspection.
  • Property may need some improvements and/or City Rental License
  •  You proceed with closing on home and lease agreements.



Team with Set Your Rent or other investors to maximize your returns with minimal effort.


  1. Option A – Active Investor. We assign property and tenant-buyer over to you and you run with it. Higher risk, higher reward
  2. Option B – Partnering. We put everything together and manage deal.  You get 100% of the first 6% Cash on Cash ROI profits.  Any profit beyond is split 50/50. So we only share in profit if you are first making a profit.
  3. Option C – Passive investor. No equity position in property. 1-5 year note with a guaranteed ROI. 


Set Your Rent Match Making Service

Set your rent aims to connect renters with real estate investors. We find dozens of interested home owners who are looking to find the perfect home that they can lease in a rent-to-own situation. We then connect those interested renters with you the investor. We email prospective properties directly to you! 

We want to expand the number of homes to rent and offer these homes with interested renters to investors. 

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