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Many people struggle to buy their first home because they cannot qualify for a bank loan. We raise private capital to buy homes for people so that they can finally become a homeowner. Typically this is a 1-5 year bridge that allows you to act like a homeowner while you work to obtain a bank loan.  

Adam Zach and Jon Enright are the creators of Set Your Rent and provide a variety of custom housing options to future home owners through a unique renting option. Here at Set Your Rent we have developed a new tool that allows you to pick any home listed “for sale” and live in it.  We specialize in Rent-to-Own and seek to help individuals and families gain home ownership to live the American Dream.

Set Your Rent is a 2019 Greater Grand Forks Chambers Shark Tank winner and the 2019 Innovate ND Phase I and Phase II program participant with their innovation, scale, and solutions.

If you are a real estate agent or banker and have someone who does not qualify for a traditional bank loan, we want to work with you.  Set Your Rent also works with investors interested in supporting home ownership while making a modest return on their investment.  Investing in a property with qualified rent-to-own buyers ready before closing saves you thousands in lost vacancy rent revenue and improves your long-term ROI. If you are interested in learning more about how we can partner with you for your next investment property, email us today!

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"Set Your Rent was just amazing. They answered every question we had no matter what kind of question it was. They actually encouraged us to ask questions, because it was something we have never done before." - Jerome Family
Jerome Family
Jerome Family
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