What is Set Your Rent?

We can buy the house and rent it to you
It is a new, creative way to find a home. You find a home that is listed “For Sale” that meets your criteria and we buy that home for you. 
  • Instead of looking at the limited number of homes "For Rent", start looking at all the homes "For Sale".
  • Tell us how much you would be willing to pay per month to rent/own a specific property here at SetYourRent.com (form below)
  • We will contact you and if the numbers make sense we will buy that property for you. No home or location is off limits! You pick!
  • Can't get a bank loan but ultimately want to buy? Want to build equity in your home as you rent? Our Rent-to-Own program may be perfect for you.

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See how much you can afford with the Set Your Rent estimator!

The monthly rent for each home is different. We have this handy Set Your Rent Estimator that can help show you the approximate price the home would rent for!

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If you'd like to rent/own a home, this form will help us get to know what you are looking for. Please enter your information and we'll get back to you soon.

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Perks of Renting-to-Own Your Home.

  • Opportunity to personalize. Make this home your own. Paint the walls, add decorations, put up a fence, etc
  • There is plenty of room for backyard games, BBQ’s, and for your four-legged friends to run.
  • Garages are great for extra storage and a place to park.
  • Each home has its own washer and dryer.
  • No more noisy neighbors a wall away.
  • You will always have a good parking spot.
  • Payments each month are applied as a credit back to you. This way part of your money is going towards your home.
  • Learn more about rent-to-own lease options.
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Do you buy houses to use as rentals?

Investors (and other inquiry)

Looking to invest?  Afraid your home won’t rent?  Why not invest in a property with qualified renters ready to go? Investing in a rental property with renters ready to rent the house before closing saves you thousands in lost vacancy rent revenue and improves your long-term ROI.

If you’re interested in learning more about how we can partner with you to find renters for your next investment property, email us today!