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The monthly payment for each home is different. We have this tool that can help show you the approximate price of home based on your monthly payment amount!

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Is Getting a Home Through Set Your Rent Right For You?

We can buy the house and rent it to you
  • Who Is This For? People who don't qualify for a traditional bank loan, make good income, have a down payment, are tired of renting, and want to own their own home. Who is this NOT for? People that can obtain traditional bank financing (we encourage you try this first), individuals with zero down payment. or individuals who need to move in less than 30 days.
  • How Does It Work? 1) Fill out an application to get a max home purchase pre-approval. 2) Pick ANY HOME listed for sale (not just from a limited inventory list) that meets your price range 3) We buy that home for you as a rent to own (lease option) or contract for deed.
  • Why? Many people struggle to buy their primary home because they cannot qualify for a bank loan. We raise private capital to buy homes for people so they can finally become a homeowner. Typically this is a 1-5 year bridge loan (lease option or contract for deed) that allows them to act like a homeowner while they work to obtain a bank loan.
  • Our Guarantee: We don't get a dime unless YOU get a home.

Customer Testimonial: "... the best decision we have ever made...."

Benefits to You

  • Smaller deposit needed compared to a traditional 20% down with a bank loan
  • Great option for individuals with marginal credit and job history
  • Build equity as you live in the home.
  • Lock in a purchase price at move in!
  • Option to not purchase the home at the end of the initial term in case it is not your dream home
  • Payments each month are applied as a credit back to you. This way part of your money is going towards your home.
  • Learn more about rent-to-own lease options.

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